Pinelopi (Nelly) Papalampidi

I am a third and final year PhD student at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh and member of EdinburghNLP under the supervision of Mirella Lapata and Frank Keller. I am interested in language grounding and multimodal NLP, representation learning, multimodal/multi-view learning, self-supervised learning, graph structures/graph neural networks (GNNs), latent variable models, summarization and question-answering. Currently, my PhD thesis is focused on the analysis and summarization of long-form narratives, such as movies and TV episodes, by identifying and exploiting their underlying structure as latent information. Part of my thesis also explores fine-grained relations between narrative events by constructing sparse graph structures and exploiting multimodal information extracted from different views of the movie (e.g., screenpays, videos).

Before that, I completed my diploma (combined BEng and MEng) at the National Technical University of Athens in Athens, Greece, department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In my diploma thesis, I addressed the task of dialogue act classification and explored ways in order to incorporate speakers’ intentions and emotions in personality identification, under the supervision of Alex Potamianos.